Jordan Baker-Caldwell was born in New York City and raised with the kinetic streets of Harlem as his backdrop. As an artist and metal sculptor, his works evoke questions about gravity, structure, balance, and the human body in relation to space. His sculptures have been described as figurative, organic forms juxtaposed with modern, neo-cubic abstraction. Jordan is interested in the way people interact with his work, and how that interaction has the power to reshape perception.

On August 9th 2016, Jordan made history with the installation of his 9-foot sculpture Ascension on the corner of 36th Street and 9th avenue, making him the youngest artist ever to have a permanent public sculpture in New York City.

Jordan’s work has been featured at the National Metal Museum, MoMA, the Museum of Arts and Design. Currently his 15-foot sculpture “Golem” is on permanent loan at Harlem Hospital, on display in the Mural Pavilion. Jordan lives and works in New York City.