After a 3 month outdoor exhibition in Marcus Garvey Park as part of the Flux Art Fair, “Golem” by Jordan Baker-Caldwell has found a new home at Harlem Hospital. The 10-foot metal sculpture is located in the Mural Pavilion at the 136th street entrance of the Hospital.

Golem is a large totem-like piece that resembles an abstracted face made of colorful scraps of metal. Affectionately called “The Neighborhood Protector,” Golem pays homage to the people and history of Harlem, while embodying its current spirit of growth. Golem’s patchwork look is representative of the different cultures and peoples of the neighborhood, some of whom donated scrap metal to the piece. The elements that make up the work include parts from New York Taxis, Chinese Food woks, trucks, and vans.

Golem is on permanent loan thanks to the efforts of Harlem Hospital’s Chief of Staff, Ms. Sylvia White and Artist & Director of Art and Culture at Harlem Hospital, Mr. Ronald Draper, whose work can seen lining the entrance to the Mural Pavilion and throughout the grounds.

Jordan is a New York born artist and Harlemite who works extensively in metals such as steel and bronze, as well as found materials. His current works are a mixture of figurative, organic forms, juxtaposed against modern, neo-cubic abstraction.

As part of Harlem Hospital’s historic Art Collection, Golem joins the likes of work by artists including Charles Alston, Alfred Crimi, Georgette Seabrooke, Elba Lightfoot and Vertis Hayes — suffice it to say, Golem is in good company.